Women's Health Center Policies

Rescheduling Appointments

You are important to us. Quality care for each patient is very important at Women’s Health Center. When you come in for an appointment, we do our very best to see all patients in a timely manner. Unfortunately, there are times when Dr. Mager is called to leave the office to go to the hospital. In the event that our doctors are unable to return to the office, we will communicate with you the option to reschedule with Dr. Mager or be seen by one of our other providers. Please remember, your understanding is essential. Dr. Mager may be called away to the hospital one day to see you, a friend or a member of your family.
If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we reserve the right to reschedule you to another day. Please call us if you are going to be late for your appointment.


Women’s Health Center financial and payment policy requires payment for your deductible and/or co-insurance at the time of service for office visits and procedures. We will file a claim for services on your behalf. In the event that there are any additional balances, which may be your responsibility, you will receive a statement that is to be paid before the end of the month.
Patients must present their insurance card at each visit. Insurance claims are filed to participating insurance companies. The patient is responsible for notifying our office of any changes in insurance coverage.

Self-Pay Accounts

In the event a patient or future patient does not have insurance, we have a fee schedule available for all procedures offered at our office. Please call our office and let us know what you would like to be seen for and we can provide you with an estimate of the cost. Payment in full is expected at the time of service.